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Oct. 20th, 2008



On mp3s...

Would anyone happen to have an mp3 of Ongaku Gatas's "Come Together" single? I've been looking around, but I can't find one I can download. If anyone can share, I'd be extremely grateful! (I'd offer something in return, but I don't really have anything out of the ordinary... you may ask, though, if you know of something you want and would like to try your luck. =D)


(Also, if anyone actually has the new Hangry & Angry song, "Kill Me Kiss Me" as an mp3, I'd be eternally thankful for that as well!)

Oct. 19th, 2008

Artistic Browncoats forever!


Tsunku and Hello! Project Goes insane

Go here now! All of Elder Club is graduating Hello!Project!


Jul. 25th, 2008

dragon quest // sofia


3rd Single!

We've been pretty quiet since before the album release and the concert tour, but I thought I'd try to pick things back up by mentioning that the group finally has a 3rd single coming up!

The 3rd single is tentatively titled "Come Together" and comes out September 10th.

Exciting stuff :D It's good to know that the group hasn't been totally abandoned yet!

Dec. 5th, 2007


Some track names from the upcoming album

I'm not sure if it's OK to post this here since the list isn't finalized yet (both for order and number of tracks), but CD Journal posted a partial tracklist for the upcoming Ongaku Gatas album, which I romanized and translated (where I could, anyway, the last one is one I have zero clue about).

Anyway, here it is:
Namida WINTER (涙 WINTER; Tearful Winter) (Note: I took a little liberty with that since "Tear Winter" just sounded kind of odd even if it's more literal/correct)
Kokoro no Tanima (心の谷間; Valley Of My Heart)
Koi Uranai Toori ni wa Naranai wa (恋占い通りにはならないわ; It Won't Work Out Like The Love Fortune)
Seishun Custard (青春のカスタード; Youth Custard)
Kiss Shiyou (キスしよう; Let's Kiss)
Osaki ni Sunzurei (お先にすんずれい)

Like I said above, I really have no idea how to translate the last one. The only thing I can think is that "sunzurei" might be a pun on "shitsurei" and "sunzu" (a name for "Suruga" and "Izu", both former (?) provinces in Japan that bordered on each other), but it doesn't really make any sense, so... I have no idea.

Nov. 20th, 2007




Hi! I'm new, so I hope it's all right that I post this.

A member at H!O just posted the link to Ongaku Gatas's new PV, so I thought I'd share. I like the song and Yossi's hair is CRAZY-AWESOME. 8D


Shared! Enjoy! (What is this song called, by the bye?)

Nov. 19th, 2007

dragon quest // sofia


2nd Single Covers!



I am super excited. I've been bummed over H!P (despite seeing Ayaya last weekend and Nacchi tonight...) because of Maki leaving, so having new stuff pop up over Gatas made my day better. :D This cover looks great; it reminds me of I Wish from Morning Musume for some reason... XD

Nov. 11th, 2007

dragon quest // sofia


More Ongaku Gatas Tour Details & Other News

It's up on the official site now.

音楽ガッタス ファーストコンサートツアー2008春 ~魅ザル 祝ザル GOODSAL!~
Ongaku Gatas First Concert Tour 2008 Haru

Now that second part has a few different readings because they aren't even actual words. Maybe Mizaru Shukuzaru Goodsal, hehe. Currently the only date on the site is the 2/24 Nagoya tour day. with an afternoon and evening show. I am reaaaally hoping that the dates will go further into March so I can go, haha. I might just even go to Japan early if I have to!! Haha. Tickets, at least for the 2/24 concert, go on sale 1/19.

We also have news on a c/w name for the new single. It's "栄えろ羽ばたけ ガッタス ブリリャンチス H.P." which is "Sakaero Habatake Gatas Brilhantes H.P.". Sakaero is to "flourish" or "shine" and habatake is referring to flapping wings. It seems it may be a pattern for the Ongaku Gatas single to have a futsal cheer song as their c/w songs, yeah?

Also! Ongaku Gatas has been added to the list of participants in the Elder Club tour. Yay more for them! They previously weren't on the small list, but that's changed. It's also interesting that lately v-u-den has switched to Elder Club instead of Wonderful Hearts as they were previously. The site still lists them under Wonderful Hearts, but they're in the Elder Club tour. I wonder if this has anything to do with Ongaku Gatas being added too, since Rika is part of both. I mean, obviously they aren't going to make major group decisions because of one girl, but it definitely makes organizing concerts easier!

Lastly, back to Yattarouze (new single), we have single-V information for it. It will be released December 19th. I have to remember that singles and single Vs are not released together, since for their first single they came out on the same day. :)

Oct. 31st, 2007

smile into the distance


Ongaku Gatas tour~

Just read it now over at jphip (thread).

Tour dates:
2/10 日本青年館
2/11 日本青年館
2/17 日本青年館
2/24 名古屋
3/02 大阪

So it looks like Ongaku Gatas is here to stay afterall. XD Wish I could go! But unfortunatly I can't. T_T

Oct. 25th, 2007

dragon quest // sofia


2nd Single Confirmed

Quick update for Ongaku Gatas -- Their second single is officially confirmed on the Hello! Project website. It now has the title of "やったろうぜ!" (Yattarouze!, loosely translated means "Let's Do It!"). The release date is December 5th, and there will be a DVD limited edition available.
No news on a single-V DVD yet but there's still lots of time. It's just nice to get some official news on these girls, yeah? :)

No news on any lives yet. Ongaku Gatas is not part of Elder Club or Wonderful Hearts, so they aren't listed under the upcoming H!P tour for January. Maybe someday they'll tour on their own or join up in a big H!P group tour!

Oct. 4th, 2007

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Ongaku Gatas Community Start!

I'm glad this idea wasn't a huge flop. :) Thanks for joining, everyone!!

I am totally happy that Ongaku Gatas exists, because Hitomi Yoshizawa ties for my favorite H!P member and I didn't want her to be lost to obscurity after graduating MoMusu. And of course, many people love it because Asami Konno is back and active, it's something new for Mai Satoda to do, and then we've got Rika joining in (which makes Yossie & Rika pair fans happy) and spotlight for many H!P Eggs. I'm starting to like a lot of the Eggs because of this group, too. ^^v

Their first single was released September 12th this year and made #10 for the weekly Oricon sales, which is not bad at all these days for Hello! Project (and especially a small debut group at that). Its debut was at #7 on the daily charts.
They now have a radio show that started this month, replacing Miki Fujimoto's show, and now have a second single announced for December. I will try to keep as updated as possible regarding news on this group in this community. ^^
It seems their second single is going to be like the first, with a limited edition plus a DVD and a regular edition. Interesting! I'm wondering how well this kind of advertising works. I always buy the limited editions just for the extra goodies, heh.

So that's it for my lame intro post. I'm about to make a friends only post sharing my thoughts from a recent Ongaku Gatas event in Tokyo that I attended, which was to promote their debut single. There was a very big turn out of over 800 people crowding in this outdoor mall for the group's handshaking event, mostly cheering for Konno but with a big chunk of Yossie, Mai, and a few H!P Egg fans too. (Rika wasn't present at this event due to the MoMusu tour v-u-den is participating in right now) They have a nice dynamic that works well on stage, with the newbies and the seasoned oldbies joining together. :D I hope they last a long time! Yay!