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Some track names from the upcoming album

I'm not sure if it's OK to post this here since the list isn't finalized yet (both for order and number of tracks), but CD Journal posted a partial tracklist for the upcoming Ongaku Gatas album, which I romanized and translated (where I could, anyway, the last one is one I have zero clue about).

Anyway, here it is:
Namida WINTER (涙 WINTER; Tearful Winter) (Note: I took a little liberty with that since "Tear Winter" just sounded kind of odd even if it's more literal/correct)
Kokoro no Tanima (心の谷間; Valley Of My Heart)
Koi Uranai Toori ni wa Naranai wa (恋占い通りにはならないわ; It Won't Work Out Like The Love Fortune)
Seishun Custard (青春のカスタード; Youth Custard)
Kiss Shiyou (キスしよう; Let's Kiss)
Osaki ni Sunzurei (お先にすんずれい)

Like I said above, I really have no idea how to translate the last one. The only thing I can think is that "sunzurei" might be a pun on "shitsurei" and "sunzu" (a name for "Suruga" and "Izu", both former (?) provinces in Japan that bordered on each other), but it doesn't really make any sense, so... I have no idea.


Ooh, more news on it! I've been wondering how it was going to turn out. I hope Yossi gets lots and lots of song time. And maybe her own song. A song that is NOT a ballad, because I'm sick of Yossi always having to sing ballads. Beh. But YAY!!! Thanks!
XD I stuck the last song title in Babel Fish just to see what I got, and it came up with this: "It does first, it is to be to slip," And yes, it did end with that comma. I believe Babel Fish is good for translating most things, but when you stick Japanese in there, it's all hysterically jumbled and nonsensical. I love it. XD
WAIT WHAT THEY HAVE AN ALBUM COMING UP? Where have I been? I even forgot to pick up their 2nd single yesterday because I have finals this week, ack, must remember tomorrow.

Anyway omg awesome. Album yay. February 6th is apparently the intended date... Sucks for me because I'm not in Japan again til March 5th, but... maybe I'll deal and pay extra at Kinokuniya in San Francisco anyway and not wait a month. XD;
According to a Japanese friend, "sunzurei" is just dialect for "shitsurei". I don't know which dialect it comes from though. But it was commonly used by comedians in jokes.

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